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MEP&F Design

With an experience of working on a wide range of large, medium and small-scale building projects, PortBIM has gained necessary expertise to deliver high-quality MEP design services. Our expert team of MEP design consultants, engineers and technicians can cater to custom MEP requirements while keeping in mind the architectural design, structural strength and sustainability needs of a building.

Our Design Evolution Stages:

Conceptual or Schematic Design: is a primary design scheme, defining the general scope of the project, including the scale and relationship  among building modules.  At this stage, we describe the proposed system in terms of integrated  ideas and concepts about the proposed method, corresponding to the LOD 200 Revit model.

The detailed design: follow a conceptual or schematic design stage, where the design decisions are worked out in details. The details get reflected in the Model, corresponding to LOD 300 Revit model. We provide drafted to-scale drawings, demonstrating the look of the project after the completion of construction.

Construction Documentation: is just like a bridge between the building design and the physical building form. We prepare the drawings with detailed specifications necessary for the construction project. Tis level corresponds with the LOD 400 Revit model integrating all information of the MEP services. The Models include elements that are accurate in size, location, quantity, and orientation with complete fabrication and detailed information. At this level, the Model contains non- geometric  (3D) information, including the text, notes, dimensions, and 2D details and makes a complete representation of all the proposed elements.

Natural Gas Systems
Compressed Air Systems
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning 
Energy Analyzes
Plant & Pump Rooms
Low Voltage Systems (Lighting, Power Supply)
Medium Voltage Systems
Building Automation Systems (including BMS)
Weak Current Systems (Data, Fire Alarm, Access Control, CCTV) 
Domestic Water Systems
Soil and Waste Water Systems
Storm Water Systems
Boiler and Pump Rooms
Wet Firefighting Systems
Dry Firefighting Systems
Drencher Systems
Hose Firefighting Systems
Clean Agent Firefighting Systems
Smoke Control Systems
Fire Pump Room

Company using international standards (IBC, ASHRAE, SMACNA, IEC, NFPA, BS, NBS and etc.) and local standard (SNIP) while implementing AEC projects. Company provides designs at the level of LOD 101, LOD 200, LOD 300, LOD 350 and LOD 400 (contact to get more information about LOD).