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Green Building (Leed Consulting)

PortBIM provides energy modeling services for AEC industry. We are adept in providing sustainable design guidance integrated with LEED assessment to substantially improve energy and environmental performance.

PortBIM with his Partner Company assess sustainability level of prebuild Facilities by giving LEED Certification for Green Building Rating. To get more information about LEED.
We help you build structures that respect the environment; and increase your energy savings with our efficient energy analyses. We primarily deliver building energy modeling services to residential, commercial, retail, institutional and healthcare facilities utilizing software tools like Insight, Revit and ANSYS Fluent.

We deliver ingenious energy modeling services encompassing shadow analysis, location analysis, solar simulation, energy compliance, reflection analysis, acoustic analysis, daylight analysis, visibility analysis, light pollution analysis and fenestration analysis to its clients.

For building renovation and retrofit projects, our energy proficiency consulting services further helps owners to realize the economic impact of various architectural design and MEP systems.

Energy Analysis for Concept Design
Preliminary building energy analysis to gain insights on concept designs
Integrated analysis for evaluating concept design compatibility with multi- disciplines
Energy consumption comparison for alternative design concepts 
Energy Analysis for Detailed Design
Whole-building energy analysis for detailed design process
Efficiency optimization for green building certification requirements
Support for LEED and ASHRAE certification and energy star analysis
HVAC design optimization for optimized human comfort conditions