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Scan to BIM

Our experience of delivering highly accurate 3D BIM models from point cloud has made us one of the most reliable and trusted Scan to BIM partners. Apart from point cloud modelling services, we also offer Scan to Cad services. We can take the point cloud and convert them into detailed 2D drawings that can be used for onsite construction.

BIM Management (Virtual Design Construction):

Preparing 4D from the 3D BIM Models.
Converting 4D BIM models to 5D for accurate cost planning.
Tagging and labeling various building elements.
Preparing BOQs, QTOs and order for lean construction.
Managing multidisciplinary projects with RFIs and other documents.
Integrate fabrication drawings with BIM models for accurate BOMs.
Deliver BIM models in IFC open format to adopt design changes.
Revit families of MEPF equipment to evaluate quantity takeoffs.
Sustainable Building Design.

Virtual Reality

Our 3D artists and engineers develop 3D designs of building models with full-scale 3D rendering from 2D plans and drawings for immersive experience of space and interior visualizations for AEC industry professionals.

Moreover, we create 3D BIM models compatible with VR technoloy to experience the architecture and engineering of the designs to construction companies in and take informed decisions.

We enable contractors, engineers and architects to visualize step-by-step process in Virtual Reality Environments and eliminate any probability of workflow clashes.

VR services:

- Creating detailed 3D BIM models suitable for VR devices.

-Consult and help companies implement BIM to get VR-ready.

- Intercative designs to create virtual space visualization.

- Eliminate design, plannig and management issues.

- Manage logistics without last-minute hassle on site.

- Analyze ductwork and piping designs and remove clashes.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that allows you to visualize and replace the attributes in computer-generated models created in CAD or building information modeling (BIM) software.
PortBIM has a years of experience in working on BIM software and product development which combined with team of innovators has leveraged a limitless possibility on Augmented Reality.
PortBIM team of innovators with expertise in MEP and BIM Augmented Reality supports user centric innovation across industries like Healthcare, Retail, Construction, Production & Manufacturing , Real Estate, etc.