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We create 3D models of building products and elements to accelerate the process of developing as-built models. Revit Family Creation Experts. We deliver BIM content creation services to engineers, architects and building product manufacturers to align their needs with building contractors in developing efficient as-built 3d models. Our Revit modelers develop BIM content and convert models from CAD to BIM for MEP as well as shop fitting equipment for product data templates. (PDT)

Service offerings for BIM content creation:

Standard BIM objects of building products.

Revit Families creation as per NBS and other open BIM standards (Lookup Table, Clearance Spacing and etc.).

Cleanup manufacturing drawings and models to BIM-ready content.

Developing BIM models as pore LOD standards.

Translating SolidWorks models in BIM content.

Converting 2D drawings to 3D BIM content and libraries.