Design and

We are constantly improving our skills and keep up with the latest industry trends in providing advanced engineering design services, that are efficient, cost-effective, and innovative.

Mechanical, Electrical, Public, Health and Fireprotection (MEP+F) Design

Building Information Modelling

Environmental Design (Sustainability Services)

Calculation: Heating Cooling Load Calculation, Duct Pressure Loss Calculation, Pipe Pressure Loss Calculation, Lux Analyze, Public Health Water Supply Pipe Sizing Calculation, Public Health Drain Water System Pipe Sizing Calculation, Equipment Selection, Fire Hydraulic Calculation
Analyze: CFD Fluid Flow Analyze, CFD Heat Flow Analyze
Drafting: 2D Plan View, 2D Schematic Drawings, 2D Riser Diagram, 2D Detail Drawings
Discipline Coordination: Coordination between all disciplines such as architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and firefighting
Modeling: 3D modeling of all disciplines.
Programing: Using Python enhanced Dynamo, to prepare prebuild scripts to expedite design procedure and minimize human based errors.
Clash Detection: Making clash detection between all disciplines, to achieve LOD 400 design level and prepare construction drawings with minimum error.
Project Managing: To fulfil Time Management (BIM 4D) and Cost Management (BIM 5D) of construction project
Sustainable Building Design: To upgrade design up to LEED Platinum rating by improving design at Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Firefighting disciplines (Green Building).

Revit BIM 3D Modeling

Helps you effectively design, plan and construct infrastructure & buildings with valuable insight and tools, accessible for coordination purposes.

5D - Quantity Take-offs

Calculate material costing faster, easier, and accurate with BIM 5D to predict the quantity (material) and cost for the projects or building processes.

4D - Planning & Scheduling

It provides project’s milestones and deliverable, with intended start & finish dates for resource planning and management and procurement planning.

Clash Detection

Identification, inspection and reporting of design clashes/interferences in a project even before anyone sets foot on the project site.

Using Dynamo we are preparing programing code to achieve more efficient results in the short period and high accuracy.